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Clubs Schöner wohnen, theplace to live in Cologne ! The club to be in Cologne !  Location for Rock'n Roll and Punkrock in Cologne ! Good old friends, great live music and Dorsch ! Pay to play in Cologne ! Place in Cologne where rock'n roll Magnus takes care ! Place in Bonn at Haupt Bahnhof, where mean rock is King ! All Area Club Köln, a must for every stud and the place where party is ment to be ! Cult in Cologne ! Club Scheiße in Köln Ehrenfeld, the place to be ! Ausser Rand und Verstand in Köln Ehrenfeld (Kolbhallen) !  Kluster Pub delievers rock'n roll, from Italy ! Litania cult music club in Palermo, Sicily ! Stairway to rock music club in Bari, Italy ! Lucky Moment, rock music club, Italy ! Red House Pub, home of beer and rock music, Italy ! Diesis Music Bar, a place to be, Italy ! Thunder around Pavia, Italy !  DOT Club Berlin, something different ! 



BLACK CARGO Some cool folks from the border ! Krawalle from the botzen aus Kölle ! Finest surf punk from Düsseldorf ! Something you believe in, from hardcore Cologne ! Something you should always got in mind ! Southern rock from Remscheid ! No.1 Stoner rock from Solingen/Rade ! They rock it like fast lovin, from Mönchengladbach ! Pussy Sisster, sleaze-glam-hardrock at it's best, from Karlsruhe !  Bolle and the very good lookin'Boys, they know how to rock anyway, from Cologne !  It's all about Bobel and much much more ! LUCKY BASTARDZ:Double-Kick Engine Rock'n Roll, from Italy ! Let's hop it over Sicily in reggea ragga style, Ras Pepy, from Sicily ! Some cool folks from Manheim, in other words "The sisters of Manheim" ! These fellows rock'n fuck the shit out of everyone, also in the kitchen, Kani from Italy ! Rock'n'Roll Pushers from Italy, they push it into the rock'n roll zone ! The Pleasures from Hamburg, they look like they sound and the other way round ! SEXX ACTION from Hessen, everybody wants some piece of THE ACTION ! 

Radio-Stations From the US, everything that that rocks the shit out of you ! Maximum Threshold Radio Show


Braingell Unsigned From the US, CrazyIvan at biz ! Punk Rock, Psychobilly, Hardcore and Rock Community from the US ! Radio Wellenwahn von hart bis zart ! newcomer online radio ! href="">   The gateway to the world of the underground music scene - 100% Rock - 100% Rock für Dich ...das Leben ist zu kurz für schlechte Musik... Köln Campus HELLFIRE RADIO-SHOW, it's not a fashion show !

Music-Register The official MySpace Profil of BLACK CARGO ! Cool punkrock web fanzine from the US ! Free musicdownload from all kind of bands ! Music Portal Everything 'bout Bands, concerts, etc., from Cologne ! Bands, music, locations, etc., from Mr. Norwegian det. himself ! Music-Register, mp3's, videos, artists,etc., search for BLACK CARGO and vote ! Band-Portal ! Band-Portal ! Band-Portal ! !  Music webzine ! Music register, search for BLACK CARGO and vote ! Music webzine with lotz of information ! Sex, drugs, rock'n roll - they write about it ! Music webzine, which burns your ears !  Music webzine with a strong focus on dirty rock stuff, check it out, from Adelaide Australia ! Music webzine, all about heavy stuff ! Music webzine, harder than steel ! The Heavy Metal Portal ! It's dirty mean and in your face, from Australia ! Beth takes care of punkrock/hardcore'n ska underground, USA !
Konzerte und Bands  Konzerte, Tourneen, Songs und Alben – Tipps, Termine & Musikkritiken von User zu User !


Media BLACK CARGO'S prefered photographer, worked with artists such as Madonna, Ramones, Tom Waits, etc. ! Alexander "Kung Fu" Hacke, our web designer !

DJ's Makes Rude drink'n dance in Remscheid !

Studios/Labels/Music business

Our Label from Nashville Tennessee ! Cool Analoge Tonstudio in Cologne, where the BLACK CARGO CD was mixed august & november 2007 ! Working with Mr.m&m was always funny and we did recorded the CD in Wülfrath, march 2007 !  Recording & Verleih by Mr.Donner from Remscheid ! The guitar shop by Tom and his General "Crocodile Rock" in Wuppertal ! Your amp broke down ? Ampete from Cologne will fix ! The music shop Guru from Cologne ! Willste en Kaffeé ? Punkrock label, where you can vote for a BLACK CARGO song in the "demolition zone" !